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by WordPress Master Michael on November 10, 2010

Article marketing has been for many decades now the most effective advertising tool; a free form of marketing your business. It is actually thought to be a much more efficient way of advertising in the long run, since ads and banners may be up for just a while, while articles can be accessed anytime, even months and years after their initial publication.

When you are blogging on powerful blog platforms such as WordPress, you can definitely benefit from the numerous possibilities given. You can write short or longer articles daily that will contain links to your business website, or simply make yourself known, providing informative and gripping content.

Bloggers and avid marketers generally believe that top quality content is critical in every article marketing effort. As you write blogs and post them on your WordPress blog, you will take the first step towards launching a successful marketing campaign. The topic elaborated in the blog should be relevant to your business niche. You need to provide visitors with answers; an insight to the particular niche, a comprehensive amount of information related to the topic. Whether your niche is sailing equipment or SEO software, you should be able to write interesting and intriguing posts, targeting the right market.

Article marketing through blogging does not actually end within the blog pages. Once you have your content and posts up, you can easily start submitting your blog link to social networks and bookmarking pages. You can submit your blog posts to Twitter or Squidoo, creating accounts that can link back to your blog and your business website. If you are working on a WordPress platform, you can create a very effective and practical interlinking between your blog and your social network account. You can also add one of the badges and buttons of the social network on your blog. This would eventually bring in more visibility, more links, more traffic, more potential

Many of the social networks can automatically retrieve new content from the blog and show it on their pages. If, for instance, you create a Squidoo page and lens you can associate it directly with your blog. This is a very effective and versatile way to do article marketing more efficiently. Web 2.0 platforms can help you make the most of article marketing through blogging. All you need to remember is that the possibilities and options are several. Blogging and article marketing is much more than writing, especially when you are working on WordPress, which allows you to let your creativity flow unhindered.

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